Well. here I am again, lost in the sea of stars and other hypocrisy but not too lost to have forgotten that my dreams are still just that--dreams! But for all intent and purpose let me just say that it has been two years since the Coven were stabilized from its never-ending stream of musicians going in and out of it.
But still this much improvement is nothing compared for what I have planned for this band, but hey, since I'm a perfectionist in the land of hypocrites, after a while, it doesn't even matters what you do or don't do--it all remains the same!
But hey, now that I'm approaching the end of my thirtysomething age group, the melancholy and the nostalgia are pretty much the same to me now, nothing old and new feels like they should be anymore.
So all right, I now take my leave because it's almost midnight at the time I'm wiritng this, and tomorrow I have to wake up early to open up my business as usual, with all the usual sweet nothings that accompanies it, oh such rapturous thought indeed, hehehehe!
Well, bye for now. Here's hoping this year HALUN would get to play international for once...
Dark Regards,
Silenced Minstrel of HALUN