WARNING: What you're about to read down below is a product of spiritual intervention, brought about by my attempt at Automatic Writing (please refer to Wikipedia if you don't what the heck that is...) in the year 1995 as I was in my college library with nothing much to do, heheheh!

I rose to the milieu of emptiness
That the thought had brought me
But then again the value of it can never outshines
The power of the feelings
For it is our destiny to become one with the heavens
And so in the darkness of this silent void, I pray to you
To give me another strike towards this sang-froid
So that I could thank you again and again
So help me God…

I pray with the seeds borne by the winds
I jumped and sang the arrival of the comets
For the stars have shone through the thick velvet of the daylight sky
Watching the rain soaking the woods…

And our tears are now a fanfare of joy
For the sun had danced on our very own feet
Before saying hello to the moon
And the Checkerboard of Fate

And a dream of one is now a victory for all
So let it be, and let it be

To the earth of the moods
From the sky full of emotions
To the moon of sorrow
And the sun of happiness

And the thoughts of the many
Ousted they were by the fantasies of the few
As the Sacred Tancho of the East
Looks heavily towards the stormy sky

And the morning dust shall settle on the frieze
As Time slowly move away from its weary gaze
While the sleeping child, his heart full of reluctance
Prepares himself for his first day in school

So the trees of joy sprout again
As the meteor shower of sadness subsided
And the human dreamer, his teaching counterpart
And his blue-collared counterpart, slowly realised                                                                                                                   
That their quest, is almost, over…