We were alone, young and curious
When fate brought us to this untouched place
Bringing with us our joy and laughter
That slowly changed the colour of the sky
The colour of the earth
And the colour of our lives, our very lives

Those were the days when we knew no boundaries
For life in this garden was strictly for fun
Where tears and hatred had no place to be
As we sang and played on the fields of hope
While forging our hearts onto the crystal tower
That floats on the sky of every new dawn…

But the tower had long since disintegrated
And the fields of hope had wasted away
For as time went by we’re scattered like pollens
Reducing this friendship to wilted memories
With some had gone to carve their own lives
And some had gone, never to return…

So here on the ruins of yesterday
I sadly watched the last of my kind
Becoming a glittering, glimmering, king for a day
All happy and smiling, holding hands
Looking at each other with feelings of love
Sitting on the throne of a thousand roses…

I then realised, that I am now alone
As I resumed my life of a silent traveller
With nothing before and nothing behind me
And nothing but memories to keep me company…

But I’ll keep on going no matter what happens
Even if I am the last of my kind
And so on the eve of this coming New Year
I cast my wishes on the Well of Time

For a future that’s bright and glorious to us all,
And a life that’s kind and beautiful to the last
As I walk away into the dawn
For we are still, and will always be
Ethereal friends…