Well, so what do you think about this "belated" brainchild of mine so far, huh? I'm sorry if I couldn't greet you all in the most preposterous, the most "unoriginally spirited" gesture like most people would do at the onset of their colourful blogging career, but hey, they're not me, and I'm not them!
Okay, so maybe its true that it took me awhile to come up with my band HALUN's own original website to succeed that nearly dead myspace account and the much-hype-but not-much-else facebook account, partly because I've never had that much money to begin with, but partly because I'm too lazy to find out about free websites (such as this one) in the first place, hehehe! 
Well, my most sincerest of thanks to weebly.com for making my dream of owning my own website a reality (usually I didn't give off gratitude that easily, because I know it's a thankless world we're living in)
So now I guess it's safe to say that I'm here in cyberspace for keeps, and that it is my responsibility to ensure that my band HALUN will one day leave this rat-trap of a country (and it's rotting music industry) to finally realize my dream of making a living from my music.
I'm not going to say anything if you don't like my music, because someone once said to me that "There will always be people who loves you, and there will always be people who hates you", meaning that it's a very established, cruel and neverending cycle this thing, but then again, I was always a man of few words to begin with!
I would rather pound vigorously at my keyboards (both typical and musical) that at other people's faces because it's a known fact that you'll never get away with it! Well yeah, its that and I've also had my fair share of bruises and scars as testament to whatever I staunchly believe in, so I speak from experience in this one, and yes, I'm always serious, even when I'm telling jokes!
And speaking from experience, I've had a long standing love-hate-love relationship with the world of music, probably trace-able back to listening to my first band (let's just say, they're Swedish and they're quite popular in the 70's) right up until now. Yeah, and also that I've started playing the keyboard long before switching to guitars but quite frankly, I've never had the inkling of what kinds of music should I stick on to, which ultimately made me an extremist when it comes to music, from bands of both side of the "softest to hardest" scale, the harder the better!
Heheh, I remembered saying to myself once that even if I've never chosen to listen to metal music in the first place, I would eventually arrrived to that music sooner or later! Well yeah, all these while I've came about at every stages of my life via instincts and whims, never too fond of thinking my way through this world anyway, preferring to follow my heart instead.
Okay, so I think I better stop now before my words become a caustic merry-go-round again, for I really, really, REALLY have no idea what I'm supposed to write at the moment, heheheh!
So I guess this is it for now. Now BUZZ OFF!