Ah the sweet, sweet life of a bloodless sigh, treat me to a sight far better than insanity
For this is of me forever so lost, eternally lusting for the warm red fluid, my darkly nourishment
And long have I tasted the hope of tomorrow, for dark were my days from here til forever
Bereft of smiles or even a prayer, a pestilence in the walk of perpetual damnation, magnified!

So now this dark rainy of afternoon of gloom, it since had become my playground of stares
For no more shall I to die after he did touch me cold, to commence this damned walk, this ungodly ordeal
And indeed it all stemmed from whence I did say, to me but this world and the rest now be damned
But now who is damned for my cravings eternal, to die not again but the price I did pay?

Ah so much forlorn from where I did stare, the setting of sun the twilight of nothing
For where are my joy when the sun I did stood, now darkness is all that is left of this me
An effigy of regret enshrouds in flames, but hell will I pay if this blood I don't taste
Too much to remember for the years were the same, to crave one thing but to get another!

Oh tears from my eyes but to me such wasted, for no more will I rue the day my dark pact
Concealed in deceit the horned aswine, for treachery in my part I prayed for longevity
In labored breaths what reason could survive? And so this doomed me now be but the dead
To live for no more but death of days, and since that damned fate this shell I've become...

So now this dark hunger it becomes my cruel master, for no taste of all others could do me so good
And long had I been in light but in dread, for who could have fathomed this living on blood
As if no more human had lived but in me, mere beasts of the shadows in hunger eternal
To roam the dark streets forever in feeding, no more of indulgence for all things normal!

So if you should stumble on ruins of torn churches, or even of burials for kingdoms of old
Don't look for my face for death is my calling, behind each worn tombstones my mark you might sense
Or even if lovers we were from whence I did live, you'd know it so well we could be but harsh enemies
For the life of a vampire we're no longer sane, as now this white kiss will I part on your neck...