Oh well, here's that time of the year again! The time when the entire hypocritical kinsmen of mine are preparing for an auspicious month called Ramadhan, a month for so-called cleansing from evilness and the embracing of purity, heh! It's an all too ordinary story from where I'm at, for that's when all those HPs (hypocrite, abbreviated) will come to the mosque all teary-eyed and penitent, swearing profusely to an invisible God to be good and pure for the rest of the year, and then, after that month ends, they'll go back to what they were doing before Ramadhan as if that sacred month has no effect of them at all! Now if the Moslems themselves cannot portray the goodness and purity well-deserved for being followers of the aforemention deity then who would? It's not like those fucking christian cockroaches have stopped waging their "War-On-All-Fronts" against us and would voluntarily preached Allah's religion to the world for us? And what about those blaspemous jews--those so-called "Rats in the Granary of Spirituality"? Would they be so kind as to project a positive image of Islam free of charge? I doubt it!
But hey, don't take me wrong! I'm not here to be preachy of my own solid religion to you all, heavens no! I'm just cursing all those brethren of mine for being so stupid as to have been born a Moslem, that's all! As to for whatever the abominations that they've been doing--and had done-- all within their short lifespan, that's all the more reason why they shouldn't call themselves Moslems!
And what's more, they've segmented themselves into 73 Sects, all tailor-made to satisfy their every whims and fancies (which is much more worse that what the christian cockroaches did to their own faith  centuries back) and delusions of salvation that would make even our beloved, ever-forgiving Prophet and Saint Muhammad rolling furiously in his grave!
Well, I better stop now before I'll be saying things that I'm going to regret saying it in the future. All I can say is, "God would never look into your affairs, if you couldn't even admit of your own foolish ways and continue to live as if you're guaranteed salvation in the afterlife--the same delusion suffered by those christian cockroaches as they crucify their so-called "Biological Deity, Jr"!

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